Principle Officers



Darryl Pilate

First Vice President


Kimberly Blasingame

Second Vice President


Jeremy Sanford



Mitchell Harris

Financial Secretary


Thaddueus Reed



Grace White


Appointed Officers

Parliamentarian  Regina Myers    

Chaplain   Pastor Lee Elder    

Director of Community Service   Lakrystal Foster    

Director of Marketing and Public Relations   Yolanda Owens

Director of  Development   Dr. Rose Austin    

Events Coordinator   Michelle Myers    

ByLaws and Governance   Mable Scott Austin    

Scholarship   Thaddeus Reed    

Past  Presidents Council   Rhonda Cummings


Executive Committee


 Darryl Pilate, Chair

 The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the principal elected officers. The President chairs the committee and shall have the authority to carry forth only those plans, programs, or activities previously approved by the Board. 

Budget Committee


 Mitchell Harris, Chair

  The Budget Committee shall monitor and oversee the financial affairs of the Association. The Treasurer of the Association shall serve as chair of this committee.  Members shall be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Board.

Community Service Committee


 Lakrystal Foster, Chair

This is our Social Action Umbrella. "Giving Back to the Community"  Engaging in community service provides us with the opportunity to become active members of the community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. 

Development & Fundraising Committee


 Dr. Rose Austin, Chair    

The Fund-Raising Committee shall be responsible for developing programs, devising strategies, and overseeing events that will generate revenue for the Association.  

Membership Committee


 Kimberly Blasingame, Chair

The Membership Committee is committed to increasing membership in the local and national alumni and  providing opportunities and activities that will keep you connected to your Forever Blue Family. 

Nominations and Elections Committee


  Dr. Rose Austin, Chair  

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall plan and supervise all activities related to the annual elections of the Association. Non board members may serve on the committee. This committee must assure that all election procedures and activities are in accordance with the duly approved procedures. 

Scholarship Gala Committee


 Candice Elliott, Chair

Signature Fundraiser 

Student Recruitment Committee


  Jeremy Sanford, Chair

The Student Recruitment Committee is responsible for the active and continuous recruitment of students to JSU. Additionally, the Chapter issues thousands in scholarship awards each year and the Committee oversees the process from application distribution to recipient selection. The Committee also hosts an annual Freshman Reception for all Tigers entering JSU in the Fall. 

*Special Committees (As Needed)


 Special Committees are those committees deemed necessary to carry out special projects or programs for the Board  or the President of the Association within a definite time period. Such committees may be established only by a majority vote of the Board.

National Alumni Officers

7 Members of the JSUNAA Board of Directors Live in Texas

Tarita Benson-Davis,  1st Vice President  

Sedric Myers , 2nd Vice President

 Katherine Cage , Treasurer  (not pictured) 

Je'Juan Gray,  Southwest Regional Vice President

Tiffiany Bizor Mack,  SW Regional Board Member (not pictured) 

Dennis Bowman,  SW Regional Board Member 

Yolanda R. Owens,  Immediate Past President

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