Darryl T. Pilate, President

July 1, 2019

Greetings Houston Area Alumni Family and Friends:    

 I am extraordinarily proud to represent our community of alumni in the Houston area as President. I’m even more proud to serve with Kimberly Blasingame, First Vice President; Jeremy Sanford, Second Vice President; Mitchell Harris, Treasurer; Grace White, Secretary and Thaddeus Reed, Financial Secretary.  We are all eager to work with all alumni and friends this 2019 – 2020 fiscal year.    

 As Jackson State University alumni, we are all proud of an institution so vital to shaping our lives. While the University was instrumental to each of us in the past, today our beloved university needs us all the more.  With the continued state budget reductions in higher education, it is incumbent on the alumni to help insure this generation is able to draw sustenance from our dear old college home.  Scholarships and programs will continue to require our support to attract students to our University.      

The Houston Chapter has an endowed scholarship valued at over $70,000. We are targeting to reach $100,000 by 2021. We need your help and support to reach this goal.     Your support can start today by paying $100 for your local chapter and National Alumni dues ($50 local dues and $50 national dues). While programs may be adjusted or changes implemented, we will remain focused on raising scholarship dollars and recruiting students. Your dues will allow us to hold recruitment activities and to provide other programs benefiting the chapter and the University.     

Therefore, the Executive Board asks that you regularly review communications from the chapter so that you may remain informed about planned activities that not only support scholarships and programs but also promote fellowship and networking.           


Darryl T. Pilate, President  Houston Area Alumni Chapter  

Jackson State University  National Alumni Association, Inc.